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Curriculum Vitae

Name: Olha Grabchuk
Date of birth: Feb 17, 1992
Place of birth: Lichen, Germany
Schools: 1999–2005:
School  118, Donetsk;
Donetsk Technical Lyceum.
Universities: 2009–2013:
Donetsk National Technical University, bachelor;
Donetsk National Technical University, master.
Average score: 4.98
  • russian – native;
  • ukrainian – native;
  • english – upper‑intermediate;
  • polish – upper‑intermediate;
  • german – basic level.
Personal achievements:
  • finished the Lyceum with a gold medal;
  • the best trainer of the project GROW 2013;
  • alumni of AIESEC Donetsk 2014.
Personal qualities: high learning ability, ability to work in a team, determination, sociability, proactivity.
Professional and computer skills:
  1. Visual Basic, Object Pascal, Delphi.
  2. Database development MS Access.
  3. System simulation Powersim, AnyLogic.
  4. MS Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, Access).
  5. 1C:Enterprise, Parus‑Enterprise within the educational versions.
  6. Software for working with business processes: Project Expert, BPwin.
  7. Statistica, MathCad, Wolfram Mathematica.
  8. 3ds Max – three‑dimensional animation.
  9. ProSpace, Adobe Photoshop (basic).
Additional courses, internships, grants: 2011–2014:
• polish technical faculty of DonNTU, learning of polish;
since 2012: 
• foreign language school Sherwood, learning Polish, English;
December 2012:
• training and professional independent certification program EBC*L (European Business Competence* License) Finance for line managers, Basics of business planning;
January – March 2013:
• training of national educational project GROW, Constanta, Romania.
Professional experience: October – May 2013:
youth organization AIESEC‑DSI,
member of the Commission of Global Internship Program;
July – September 2013:
Procter&Gamble Ukraine,
intern of the Department of corporate business development, RO C&C team;
April – July 2013:
youth organization AIESEC‑DSI,
manager of the project Young People Festival;
January – March 2013:
youth organization AIESEC in Romania,
trainer in the national educational project GROW;
October 2012 – February 2013:
youth organization AIESEC‑DSI,
financier of the project Educate The World.
Contact information: e‑mail: