Brief resume

Name Anna Bykh
Date of birth Jul 13, 1992
Place of birth Marinka, Donetsk region, Ukraine
Schools 19992000 Marinskaya school  2
20002001 Donetsk school  68
20012003 Donetsk school  5
20032005 Marinskaya school  2
20052009 Krasnogorovka school  2
Universities 20082012 Donetsk National Technical University, Department of Computer Science and Technology, specialty Economic Cybernetics, bachelor;
20122014 Donetsk National Technical University, Institute High School of Economics and Management, Department of Management, Master of Science in Economic Cybernetics.
Average score 4.8
Languages 1. Russian (fluent).
2. Ukrainian (fluent).
3. English (intermediate).
Hobbies and interests Culture of the Eastern countries, Indian Henna (mehendi) classical literature, photography, history
Personal qualities Responsibility, efficiency, availability of analytical abilities, result-oriented, punctual
Professional and computer skills 1. MS Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, Access).
2. Programming in Visual Basic, Object Pascal environment Delphi.
3. 1C: Enterprise, Sail-enterprise, the Galaxy in training versions.
4. Software for working with business processes: Project Expert, BPwin, Arena.
5. Statistica, MathCad, PowerSim.
6. 3ds Max modeling skills.
Future plans Successful completion of studies in a master's in professional development, improvement of creative skills and knowledge of foreign languages
Contact information E-mail: