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Kolenikov Roman

Faculty Electrotechnical
Department Electric drive and automation of industrial-scale plants
Speciality "Electromechanic systems of automation and electric drive"

Methods of damping vibrations in electromechanical systems

Scientific adviser: Tolochko Olga


Name: Kolenikov Roman

Date of Birth: 14.02.1989

Place of Birth: Amvrosievka

School: Novoamvrosievka school

High school: DonNTU, bachelor, 2006-2010

The grade during period of education in an university is 4,74.

I speak Russian, Ukrainian, on the average level English and French.

I like sport: football, basketball, volleyball, ping pong, swimming, chess.

I collecting coin, reading books, I love to draw.

Personal qualities: communication skills, responsibility, efficiency, serenity.

I have the skills to work with programs:

  • programming languages:C/C++
  • packages: Microsoft Office( Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Word), Matlab, MathCad, Adobe Photoshop

Future Plans:

  • Protect the master's work;
  • To find a decent job after graduation;
  • Travel around the world.

Contact Information: