ktrin Shatilova

Faculty: Computer Information Technologies and Automation

Department: Mine Electrical Engineers and Automatics of a Name of R. M. Leybov

Speciality: “Automated Control of Technological Processes”

Theme of the Master's Work: “Increase of methane-plentiful mines effective functioning on the basis of technical system refinement for automation of mines manufacture airing”

Scientific Supervisor: Ph.D. (in Engineering), Associate Professor of MEA Department Alexander Ogolobchenko


Average mark in bachelor's degree: 4,79

Possession of languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English (initial level)


  • Web-programming: HTML, CSS;
  • Control systems of databases: Microsoft Access;
  • Work with a drawing: Adobe Photoshop;
  • Mathematical packages: MathCAD, Matlab;
  • Modelling packages: MicroCap, Electronic Work Bench;
  • Designpackages: PCAD, , AutoCAD;
  • Work with OS: Windows /98/Me/2000/XP/Vista;
  • Officetools: MS Office 98/2000/2003, MS Visio, MS PowerPoint.
Managerial capacity: high level of self-organising, responsibility, diligence, punctuality, initiative, knowledge of business language
Personal qualities: skill to communicate, politeness, attentiveness, goodwill, aiming at result, ability to work in a command
Hobbies: a photography, dances
Personal data: the citizen of Ukraine, not married

Childhood School University Plans for the future



I, Ekaterina Shatilova, was born on October, 11th, 1988 in the city of Donetsk. My mother, Tatyana Shatilova, 1958 of a birth, works as the chief accountant in the firm which is engaged in repair of railway ways. The father, Evgeniy Shatilov, 1956 of a birth, holds a post power of shop of metal works. I have a big brother Alexey Shatilov, 1980 of a birth which has finished faculty of computer facilities and computer science of Donetsk national technical university on a speciality “Software of the automated systems” and now works in hotel “Victoria” as the leading engineer-programmer.

My family always for me was an imitation example. I always listened to all councils that I was given by parents. From the childhood the daddy accustomed me to an order, and mum always said that it is necessary to aspire forward, to something to the best. Mum has learnt me to be purposeful and to reach an object in view. The great value was given to my preschool development me learnt to read and consider, studied with me by heart poems, passed games on training of logic thinking and for erudition development.

I have spent one of the most informative, interesting, fascinating days of the childhood in a garden 6. I each time went to a garden with pleasure, it was interesting to me to learn something new and interesting. I lways participated in celebratory concerts, in a garden I have started to take a great interest in dances thanks to the teacher Anna Georgievn. Also I very much liked arithmetics for this reason further the mathematics became for me one of the most favourite and interesting sciences. In a garden I never liked to sleep in the afternoon, first me tried to force to sleep, but, eventually, I simply prevented to sleep to other children and consequently my teacher found always any interesting employment that I did not interrupt a sleep.


I have gone to the first class of a comprehensive school 29 in 1995. My first teacher was Alexandra Dmitrievna which has started to bring up in me the person. Learnt me to hold always a head directly, never to hide for another's backs. Thanking its love to the business at me there was an aspiration well to study, took part in various concerts and competitions. And in further, in the senior classes I participated in the school Olympic Games. In the eighth class I have arrived in Donetsk technical lycee, preliminary having handed over entrance examinations in algebra and geometry and a dictation in the Ukrainian language. At the first year I have felt at once a difference between school and lycee. Loadings was more, but it is that costed. With difficulties which met on my way helped me to consult fine class teacher Irina Vdovichenko which for 4 years of training became me the second mum. My favourite subjects were: mathematics, history, chemistry. The love to these subjects to me was imparted by fine teachers Valentina Gladunova, Irina Vdovichenko, Oksana Taratuta. In lycee having started to be interested in an information technology, I have understood that in the future my speciality will be connected with this direction. Study there has learnt me not to be afraid of difficulties, it is heavy to work for achievement of objects in view and to achieve them. Thanks to my efforts, and to persistence of teachers even before leaving school I have successfully handed over to persistence ratings and have passed on budgetary branch on a speciality “Automated management by technological processes”.


When I chose the speciality, I understood importance and perspectivity of automation presently. After lycee I have not become puzzled, when study at university as has got used to work much over increase of the mental potential has begun. To me has carried higher mathematics at me taught professor Elena Kazakova which has from the very first days started to encourage our scientific workings out, to help at a writing of articles. She the first has imparted to us pride of the chosen speciality. Under its management on the first courses I took part in many conferences spent at our university, Sevastopol state technical university, the Moscow state academy of computer science and the right and others, was printed in scientific collections. By results of many conferences I have been awarded by diplomas.

On a third year has come it is time a choice of the supervisor of studies. And I without fluctuating has chosen one of the best experts of our chair MEEA Alexander Ogolobchenko. With a direction of mine works we were defined at once. Under the direction of Alexander Ogolobchenko I have started to deal with an actual problem automation of process of airing. By this time I already have had time to achieve certain results in the given direction and to test them at various conferences. In 2009 I took part in the International youth scientific conference of Uhtinsky state technical university “Severgeoekoteh”. Same year has taken part in competition of student's scientific works our high school in section “Mining” with work “The Substantiation of parametres of system of automatic control of process of airing”.

Plans for the future

The most important my problem for today is the writing and protection excellent master qualifying works, after protection it is successful to found a job. Also I wish to improve the knowledge in the field of English language, work with a drawing. As well as any girl, my main dream is creation of a loving family, a cosy home. I wish to have children, to look, how they grow, learn the world new to them, to rejoice to their success and achievements.