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Lushpenko Volodymyr

Lushpenko Volodymyr

Faculty: Computer Science

Speciality: System Programming

Theme of master's work:

Development of MIMD-simulator of III paralleling level.

Scientific adviser: p.D. V. A. Swjatnyj


Brief resume:

Average mark in bachelours degree:4.83
Operating systems:DOS, Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista; Linux ASP/Fedora/Debian/Ubuntu
Main programming languages:C/C++, Delphi, Assembler, Pascal, ActionScript, JavaScript, SQL, FoxPro.
Software:Borland C++ Builder 6, Borland Delphi, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Visual Fox Pro, MATLAB R2008a, Macromedia Flash 8, Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004, MS Office
Languages:Russian: native.
Ukrainian: conversational level.
English: free reading and writing.
German: free reading and writing.
Interests:Science fiction, computers.



I was born February 22, 1987 in Donetsk, Ukraine. Primary education received from parents, as well as in a kindergarten whose name for obvious reasons I can not remember. In kindergarten started learning English. Before school began to attend courses in school, especially interested in mathematics.


In 1994, I went at school number 124. There I continued studying English. As the heaviest subject in the school I considered (and still consider) painting. The most favourite subject remained the mathematics. At school, almost all the time, was excellent. Starting from the third grade took part in competitions in mathematics, physics, chemistry, at district and municipal levels, where often won prizes.

In 2002 from 8th class of school I has passed in liceum “Intellect”. Owing to that there there was a quite good computer class, and pupils were able to visit it after lessons, interest to computers began to grow roughly. In the middle 9th class I've became the happy owner of a computer whom parents have bought for me, because they didn't like, that I come home at 8-9 o'clock in the evening. In liceum for the first time has collided with programming in the form of language Pascal which I still respect.

In 2003 from 9th class has passed in liceum “Erudite”. There has continued discovering the computer world, have got skills in administration of a computer network. In parallel has got skills of work in Delphi 6.

In 2004, received a certificate of secondary education with honors and was awarded by the gold medal.


In 2004 joined the faculty VTI in DonNTU, specialty SP (on a raiting). Thanks to a very good preparation of mathematics (many thanks to the teacher of mathematics Potyomkina Larisa L.), I had to attend extra courses just in programming to pass ratings. As a result, gained passing score on the first rating.

Immediately after receipt I took part in the finals of the All-Ukraine Collegiate Programming Contest in Vinnitsya, but failed. In the second course, our team took 3rd place, thus assigned to the semifinal of the World Olympiad in Bucharest (Romania), where won 10th place.

After the first year of teaching at the university, in 2005, I entered the German group. During the second, third and a fourth courses I had studied the German language, that allowed to hold a monthly practice in Germany in March 2009 (IAS Stuttgart, Institut fuer Automatisierung und Softwaretechnik).

Scientific adviser of my graduation master's work is Head of “Computer science” department, Professor V. A. Swjatnyj. Mainstream of scientific work - parallel and distributed computing. Foreign collaboration with Universities and companies Germany rest on the basis of research in this field.

As plans for the near future I am considering the defense of the master's work and receiving a diploma. After that - getting a good job. At this time, I am improving my skills in programming and administration of operating systems.

I prefer not to build plans for the distant future, due to the unstable situation in the country and the world.

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