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Parhomenko Lena

Parhomenko Lena

Faculty: Physical-and-Metallurgical


Theme of master's work:

Improving burning fuel with purpose lowering harmful setting off in atmosphere.

Scientific adviser: c.t.s.,reader Safonova Lena Konstantinovna

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Middle mark in the period of studies in university equal to 4,89.Speak the Russian language and Ukrainian language, and also the English language with the vocabulary.In time studies in university learned the programme language of Basik,Pascal and Statistica.

Short biography:

I was born February,4 in 1988.Since 1994 to 2004 studed in Lisichenskaya general-and-educational school, which finished with two Quad.in this time fond sports, go to Dance, went to Olympiad about Mathematics, Physics, Russian language. ??


After the ending of school after the successful results interview, was entered on speciality "Teploenergetika". In 2008 received diploma of bakalavr from this speciality. Parallely study on speciality "Economy of enterprise". At the present moment already on third course.

In 2008 was entered about point in magistratyra. Theme of diploma chose my adviser. Deciding this problem very importance today.

Was experience of work with the Internet-technology to beginning learned this subject.

Professional and creative plans on near future still have not got.

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