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Kucherenko Mariia


      ♥ Faculty: Phisical-metallurgical

      ♥ Speciality: Ecology and Environmental protection

      ♥ Theme of master's work:

Increasing of ecological safety of converter steel production

      ♥ Scientific adviser: candidate of engineerings sciences Peristiy Michael

Materials on the theme of master's work:



Middle mark in the period of studies in university 4,86. I have excellent knowledge of Russian and Ukrainian. I freely communicate, read and can conduct correspondence in English and French languages. I have experience of working with the computer programs of Microsoft Office, Xara, Macromedia Flash, Com­as-3D. I can make Ó personal site and know a programming of Visual Basic language. I like to travel, listen French music, do pictures, read Russian classic literature, detectives, look the films of records and films, based on the real events.

Short biography

I was born on September, 16th, 1986 in the city of Donetsk.

Since two years I visited a kindergarten where I was the most inquisitive child.

The best children's memoirs are connected with my friends. With them we often went to the cinema, played in a court yard in different games, fried bread and a potato on a fire.

In 1993 I has gone to school which settled down close from my house.It was school ╣ 20 in Donetsk. Since 1997 I was the chief of a class, this post has developed in me responsibility, independence, skill to communicate. Our class was very friendly and active: we went to museums and theatres had some hiking holidays.

I the period of study I visited various additional lessons such as needlework, musical school, dances.

Is better I knew biology and geography, therefore often took the first places at city and regional competitions. I graduated from school with a gold medal.

At school I dreamt to become the doctor, but I have not passed examinations in medical university.

Then I have arrived in national technical university on a speciality "Ecology and Environmental protection".

I have found in university many new friends, interests, have learnt a lot of the new.

After becoming a Bachelor in "Ecology and Environmental protection" in summer 2008, I decided to continue my education and get a master Degree. So now I study as the master and I conduct scientific activity in sphere of increase of ecological safety of metallurgy.

In the summer of 2008 I went on practice to France. There I improved the whole month the French language on linguistic courses. Besides it I have visited set of the well-known museums and memorable places.

In the future I wish to find perspective work and to apply in practical activities my knowledge.

©DonNTU 2009 Kucherenko M.

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