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Netreba Christina

Netreba Christina

Faculty: Geotechnologies and production management

Speciality: Safety of labour activity

Theme of master's work:

Research means airing long blind drift and development of measures to improve the ventilation of the ME "Selidovugol'"

Scientific adviser: associate professor Tel'noy Adol'f

Materials on the theme of master's work: Abstract


The average mark during at university - 4,62. I can speak Russian and Ukrainian fluently.

Brief biography

I was born December 6, 1986 in a small mining town Gornyak. My fathers name is Netreba Sergey . He was born 1959, works at the mine Kurahovskaya. My mother is Netreba Tatiana and she was born 1963. At this timeshe is a housewife. The parents brought me to kindergarten Gold fish when I was a year and a half. These years are, probably, the most interesting years of my life. From childhood, I remember almost everything: a large yellow building, inside which was a swimming pool, a huge assembly hall and various facilities for games and much more. Here I learned what's good, what's bad. But the years passed.


1 September 1993 my first school bell sounded for me. A new world opened up by me in which there were so many new and interesting thigs. In the school years I met my first real friends,I've got my first serious hobbies. One of these hobbies was music. So I started studying at a music school in piano. I graduated from two schools in 2002 and I faced to a choice of further education. And instead of music education I have chosen the 10-11 class with a major study of mathematics. This time I devoted my self exclusively tostudy. I would like to thank my teacher Reshetnichenko Lilies, because she gave us a particle of hes soul, she taught us to appreciate everything that gave us life. These two years were cheerful, bright, interesting , but everything is passed. And now it is time to think about the future. I've chosen a speciality "Ladour Protection" and enteved Donetsk National technical University.


In 2004, I eventually becamee matriculants! This is probably the very first step tavards self sufficiency. Something I liked but something not so muhc. Some items quickly assimilate and some demanded a lot of plodding and patience. Not everything was successful. Student years was the most funniest. In 2008, I passed the Bachelor exam. I would like to thank my teachers, especialy Malashenko Vadims (mathematician), Kovalchuk Inna (resistance of materials), Stukalo Vitaliy (aerologi't) and others for their understanding, kindness and guidance.

Future plans

First of all I want to defend successfully my diplomaa diploma. Coming years, intend to devote careers.


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