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Shelest Helen

Faculty: Management and Innovations

Speciality: Human Resources Management and Economy of Labour

Theme of the master's work:

Foreign Approaches to HR-management and Using Them in the Practice of Ukrainian Enterprises

Scientific adviser: prof. Shvets Irina

Materials on the theme of the master's work: Abstract


Middle mark in the period of studies in university is 5,0. I speak Russian and Ukrainian fluently. At the level, that is sufficient for reading and correspondence, I speak English. Also I have been studying Polish from September, 2008.

I am interested in practical approaches to HR-management, organizational and legal providing of enterprises activity, music, literature and poetry, theater and cinema, foreign languages, travelling and sport.

I have been studying on the speciality "Management of organizations" (specialization: "Organizational, economic and legal providing of enterprises' activity") from February, 2006.

Short biography:

I was born on the 24 of April, 1987 in Donetsk. My parents: Shelest Sergey and Shelest Helen. Due to my parents I've been going on to get excellent upbringing and education. In addition to it I grew a patient, responsible, curious and intelligent person.

School years...

In 1996 I entered school 72. Except of studies I participated in the activity of the organization "Kozackoe bratstvo", for example, took part in lectures, devoted to the history of kozactvo, in the school museum. In addition to it I wrote for a school newspaper "A U NAS".

In 1995 I entered musical school 6 on the speciality fortepiano. Once or twice I became the laureate of the opened musical competition of Kujbyshevski district "Nadezhda" in the nomination "Instrumental ensembles".

In 2001 I entered Donetsk lyceum "Intellect" and choosed an economic type of studying. Perhaps lyceum years are the brightest and the most interesting period of my school life! There was a possibility to take part in exciting journeys (Kiev, Lvov) and measures!..

Student years...

Knowledge, got in lyceum, let me enter in DonNTU on the speciality "Human Resources Management and Economy of Labour" in the period of rating exams. I think that the most important achievements in the period of studies are successful participating in different student conferences of international and national levels (Simferopol - 2007, 2008, 2009; Makeevka - 2008; Kiev - 2009), presence of more then ten published works, participating in educational practice in Poland (Ludzh, December, 2008), the 2-d place according to the results of the Allukrainian competition of the students' works at the direction "HR-management and economy of labour" (April, 2009), and also the 2-d place according to the results of the second stage of Allukrainian student olympiad of Human Resources Management and Economy of Labour (Kiev, May, 2009).

Actuality of the theme of master's degree work "Foreign Approaches to HR-management and Using Them in the Practice of Ukrainian Enterprises" is reasoned by foreign HR-management theory that got a shove to its development many years ago and is developing today very quickly. Also defferent practical approaches were created in lots of companies. Ukrainian theory and practice of HR-management is on the initial stage of its development. So study of foreign experience will let not only to adapt and apply the most effective instruments of HR-management on the enterprises of Ukraine, but also it can become a basis for development of new theoretical approaches of HR-management taking into account features and progress of national economy.

My professional plans on the nearest future are: postgraduate studying, internship abroad, professional and personality development, interesting work on a perspective enterprise.

My long-term purpose is working abroad or in the foreign representative office of some large company.

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