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Student of DonNTU Matveeva Viktoriya

Matveeva Viktoriya Igorevna

Economical faculty


Management of innovative activity

Master's work theme:

Influence of innovation on the economic security of the enterprise

Scientific leader:

Shilova Larisa Ivanovna

About me

Average mark in the period of study at the University is 3.4. Fluent in Russian, Ukrainian languages. I like drawing, interior design.

Short biography


Born June 2, 1987 in the town of Krasnoarmeisk. At the age of two years, moved with his parents in the town of Dimitrov.
    In childhood, loved the attention, often spoke to their families. read poems and sang songs, organize fashion shows.


In 1994, she went to 1 class in the GS number 10. 2 year break there, and in connection with the move over by the GS number 17, which located near my house. I was very active. She participated in the WHC and other school events. During the study visited many circles as a vsestaronne development. The biggest lesson has been my passion for dancing and drawing. In grade 10 participated in the Olympiad in chemistry. I graduated from middle school scores 4.
    Special thanks to all my teachers.


Before you enroll in DonNTU, I was preparing to enter the designer, as well as the profession has always seemed very attractive and very suitable for me because I had all deposits characteristic of the profession. I love to paint, to keep modifying the interior of their apartments, and more. But the fact that at the time in Donetsk was not the university, which would have been a specialty, I decided to go in the footsteps of svoh parents and enroll in DonNTU. Passed courses in mathematics and has been on sobesedyvaniyu to the "economy of" After the end of 4 courses and bachelor's degree, I decided to risk and to act in the Masters to a new very promising in my opinion the specialty "Management of innovation" Non-standard approach, new ideas, all that I met in this special. I can say precisely and unambiguously to innovation is not soskuchishsya. I am very glad that I'm here.

Future plans

Professional and creative plans for the near future - to pass the diploma.