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Kuzmina Viktoria

Kuzmina Viktoria

Faculty: Economics

Speciality: Economy of the enterprise

Theme of master's work:

Social management of the coal enterprises

Scientific adviser: Lysyakov Vladimir

Materials on the theme of master's work: Abstract


  • Average for the period of studying: 4,73;
  • Languages: Russian, Ukrainian Ė fluent, English with a dictionary;
  • have a driver's license category B;
  • personal qualities: tenacity, perseverance, responsibility;
  • Hobbies: photography, graphic design, hiking.

    Short biography:


    I was born an early winter morning, on 26 February 1987. My Parents: my motherís name is Tatyana Kuzmina. She worked as Inspector of staff Department at the mine Gajevogo, at that time she is a housewife. My father is Ivan Kuzmin. He worked as a coal-hewer at this time he is retired. My mother started to work when I was only 1.5 years, so I was brought up by my grandmother Maria Ivashkina, as well as my older brother Alex. Thatís why I had to become independent from the early age. By the way my parents said, that I wasnít a problem child. I went to the kindergarten when I was 5 and my first impression was uncertain, but soon I had already got accustomed to this and years for me flying very fast.


    In 1994 I went on a trip length in 10 years for the new knowledge in school number 25 in Gorlovka town. As for my school life - it was a thrilling adventure in which I have known a lot of interesting things. My first teacher - Irina, who had supported me in everything, in all my first efforts. She was a sensitive, good-humored and woman, but soon she had to leave my native town. Then my teacher was - Yakovleva Natalia, who was an expert at her job, the leader in all things, a strict but fair teacher and a good person. In each of her pupils she contributed a piece of her hurt, trying to give us all the best. She charged her duties well, thatís why during the past 7 years our class was the best at school with our teacher - Voloshinova Elena and in the 11 form - Dugelnaya Tatyana. During my stay at school I proved to be a pupil with a good abilities, I was attentive and active girl. At a school I prefer the humanitarian natural profile. I participated in my school activities, my speech was characterized by clear, precise diction, correct pronunciation, therefore I had taken part in district and municipal contests for example in the competition of poetry , at the 6 form, I was keen on sports such as tourism and climbing. As a result of it I had the first level of mountain tourism, went on a camping trip to the Crimea. Jacking all in consideration I understood that school years have left a vivid impression in my life.


    In 2004 I had finished my school and entered the Donetsk national technical university on daily department of economics and marketing. In Donetsk I have not settled, and I had to go every day from Gorlovka. Soon I was accustomed to it and didnít regret because soon I found my first love, who was waiting for me in my native town. During my study I was gained a lot of useful knowledge and had met new people, who had made some contribution to my development - it is my groupmates and teachers. In spite of my study I had taken part in tourism, went to competitions in Bakhchisarai and Zuevku. At the end of the 4 course I passed a comprehensive state examination on excellent mark and received a bachelorís degree. By the will of fate it happened that I graduate to Magistracy and became a student of EGP-08 m group. In the my master's work thesis I deal with problems related to the social management of mining enterprises, for example Gajevogo mine. My project manager - prof., Lysyakov V.F. The theme of my work is quite relevant nowadays, because little attention is paid to issues of social policy in our time, both by state and by businesses, particularly in times of crisis, which entails a lot of problems and requires significant adjustments.

    In the near future Iíll try to get a master's degree, that will be the next nothing concrete can not say, because at any moment everything could change radically. As for me, I like to dream, for example to find a long-them high-paying job, to get marry, give birth to two or even three children and enjoy my life. I hope that my dream will come true...

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