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Master DonNTU Borsch Anton
Name: Borsch Anton
Born: Donetsk, October 24, 1987
School: Number 69 of Donetsk 1994-2004
University: In 2004 entered the DonNTU
Faculty: Economy
Speciality: Management innovative activity
Science work: Motivation and stimulation of innovative activity of enterprise
Chief: Assoc. Chairs ESR, Ph.D. Fischenko Oksana N.
Graduated: 2010

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It is a little about itself

The person who loves novelty, in people appreciates sincerity and honesty, and operates, as to it prompts a heart and mind tandem.

The beginning

On October, 24th, 1987 on this earth became one person more because I was born. As the history has told, since the childhood I was the quiet, silent child who not so loved children's gardens and any toys that there were.

But quiet I was not always because energy in me and raged. The history as has told, that when I independently became for the first time on feet there has passed a way from a hall to kitchen, that for first time was excellent result. Then I to run began well and consequently my childhood has not passed sitting on one place.

School years

In School me took already in 6 years after I have handed over what that preschool tests. Till now I remember as showed different figures, texts, figures, and after have directed in 1-G class. The truth not long I there have stayed, as have then transferred in 3-V class :)

Since then there were friends with whom I am on friendly terms and to this day. There were many school moments which it is pleasant to recollect, for example, mass trips to various places of our fine country, driving on catamarans under a rain, football matches and it is a lot of much another.

In a year so 2000 I wished to leave school, but not on absolutely, and in lycee. Prepared, worried and has not arrived. At first very much was upset, but then was delighted to this fact as it was not necessary to rise on an hour earlier, it was not necessary to carry the form, it was not necessary where that to go. And I and in the native comprehensive school have received knowledge very good.

Students' time

To the beginning 11 a class to reflect began seriously whom I wish to be by a trade. Thought not long though has touched all trades, that knew. The choice fell on the Donetsk National Technical University, because there were all kinds of specialty computer that I was very interested then. But the net programmer, I did not want to be and decided to join the faculty of CITA, where a speciality TSN (telecommunication systems and networks).

Where and wish I did in 2004, after successfully passed the rating by 58 points from 60. What was my surprise when I saw the list from the bottom, but the number was at the top. Such feelings are not forgotten!

I studied well, in a good group of TKS-04a. This is really a great time! Time, full razgildyaystva and sleepless nights over the course, happy birthday and disappointments in friendship, freedom and understanding its place in life where you are an adult, but dependent ... But the time has come to the 5-th course. Admission in magistracy.

Random, I learned of the existence of such a speciality as the Management innovative activity on the economic faculty. Specialty of its kind unique, as well as various bachelors can apply for admission. Think 20 seconds, I decided to do there and entered.

Do not spare a moment for a new profession, a new, exciting phase of training in my life, and obstacles that accompany litigation novelty lines, but at the same time, the interest of overcoming them is always with me!

Parable of the plans for the future

Debonair young man came to his father and said:
- Father, rejoice with me, I went to university. I will be a lawyer!
Finally, I found my happiness!
- Very good, my son - the father said, - then, now you want to work hard to learn. But what then?
- After four years, I will defend to the excellent university degree and leave.
- And what's next? - Do not depart father.
- Then I will be with might and main to work as soon as possible to become an independent counsel.
- And then?
- And then I marry, establish a family, will raise and educate their children, helping them learn and get a good profession.
- And then?
- And then I'll go to the well-deserved rest - I will rejoice in their children's happiness and peace in a good old age.
- What will happen next?
- Then? - A young man thought for a minute. - Yes, no one ever on this earth does not live. Then I will probably, like all people who die.
- And what then? - Said the old father. - Dear son, what will happen next? - Trembling voice let out a father.
Son of further thought and said hesitantly:
- Thank you, Father. I understood. I forgot the most important ...


My mother and father. Without you I would not have been such.
My uncle and grandfather, who believed in me, and directed.
My friends. Thank you for always!

Borsch Anton. 2009