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Plis Pavlo

Plis Pavlo


Electrotechnical faculty

Speciality: Electromechanics systems of automation and electrical drive

Theme of master's work:

Development of laws control of productivity of mecanisms of aerohydrodynamic group

Scientific adviser: Borissenko Vl.Ph.

Materials on the theme of master's work: Abstract


        I speak Russian and Ukrainian languages. A good level of French language acceptable to the understanding of English. Experience with such software: MS Office, Matlab, Matcad, Compas, Photoshop, Step7. I have a driver's license category «B». I like football, literature, music, cinema.

Short biography:

        I was born 2 Jan, 1986 in v. Zarechny Vyselkovskogo district of Krasnodar region even in the USSR. A few years later moved with his family in the independent Ukraine (v. Donskoe, Volnovahsky district). From this moment begins the tireless travel to a small home. Many thanks to all the people who surrounded me in childhood, a special thanks for the love and caring grandparents.
        First went to kindergarten in the Donskoe, then – in the school. At the end of kindergarten to enroll in a violin in a local music school where he studied music and literacy during the long 6 years.

        In high school he studied well, which was awarded by the end of its gold medal. He was sports, mainly team sports (football, basketball, volleyball). In separate note I would like football, because the only hobby for many years was it. Unfortunately, football has been and remains for me nothing more than a hobby. The school chose mathematics, physics and English. He was literature, psychology and philosophy.

        In 2004 joined the faculty of Electrical Engineering DonNTU, Specialty: electromechanical automation systems and electric drive. I must confess that when a decision has been based rather on his subjective reporting and opinion of others, though, the engineer – the ideal man and an indicator of the intellectual qualities of man. Despite this, I absolutely do not regret that chose this profession. In addition, French language, to learn that I had the pleasure, called the learning process in an unforgettable marathon of knowledge, ambition, hope ... for that special thanks to excellent teacher and wonderful person, Inna A. Tishechko. Many thanks to all people, friends, and not at all, who met me at this stage of my life. Without you I would not have been as to who I am. Life swept me through the years, a long time remain in my heart.
        In 2005 joined the faculty retraining in order to obtain a second degree in the specialty «Economy». Again, the new team, new team, new acquaintances ... In 2009, successfully passed an examination on the Bachelor economy enterprises.

        In the future I hope to find a good use of their knowledge in the field of automation and electric power, and in the field of economics (not necessarily of the company). And I want to continuously develop, refine and use their knowledge of French. In general, all thoughts of the future inspired confusion and coated mild haze, which are scattered in the dust, only to be done Master's work.

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