Master of DonNTU RUDCHENKO Katerina
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Faculty: mining and geological

Speciality: ecological geology

Theme of master dissertation:
"The impact of anthropogenic factors on the formation of natural waters hydrochemical zoning"

Supervisor: VYBOROV Sergei, andidate of scince, assistant professor


  1. Average mark in the period of studies at the university - 5.0.

  2. Professional skills:

  3. OS Windows and Linux-family operating systems;
    office batches OpenOffice.Org, MS Office;
    mathematical batches MathCad, MatLab, Scilab, Freemat;
    statistic batches SPSS, Statistika;
    automated engineering systems - AutoCad, Map 3D, Civil 3D, Geonics (including Geonics Engineering Geology - GeoDirect), IndorCad;
    programming languages - ++, Delphi, Turbo Pascal, Visual Basic;

  4. Have a complete command of Russian, Ukrainian and English (upper-intermediate level). Obtained Donetsk National Technical University Certificate affirming the succeed in three-years English language courses, based on the FCE-exam.


I was born on April the 26, 1986, in the town of Dzerghinsk, Donetsk region, Ukraine. Mother Svetlana Zimina is a lector of philosophy at the Dzerzhinsk mining secondary school. Father Alexander Rudchenko is a shop superintendent at Starokramatorsky machine-building plant.


I graduated secondary school in 2003 and was rewarded "golden" medal for excellent strides in studies. Annually I took part in school olympiads in Ukrainian, jurisprudence, history, chemistries, mathematics. In English I've taking the 1st place during 6 years (from 6th up to 11th form). In the 9th form I became a prizewinner in English olympiad among schoolchildren from all over the Donetsk region.


I had no hesitation which institution of higher education shoul I enter because of strong conviction that the future is in the hands of engineers. So I entered Donetsk National Technical University. The next 5 years have only corroborated that my choice was absolutely right! I had all the opportunities to obtain knowledge in the ecological geology field, to improve my English and to a large extent satisfy my interest in IT.

On the first year of studies our informatics teacher ALEKSEEV EVGENYI involved me into the creation of his web-page, devoted to teaching informatics for engineers. That page was changed many times. Nowadays it represents how successfully free open-source software can be used for solving engineering tasks -

We had also make theses for the second and the third conferences "Open-source software in the higher education" in 2007 and 2008 (to see theses enter these links - 2007 and 2008). This is an annual conference taking place in the town of Pereslavl, Moscow region, Russion Federation. It is supported by Institute of Programming Systems (Russion Academy of Sciences), faculty of computing mathematics and cybernetics of Lomonosov Moscow State University, Institute of Logic, Ailamazyan University in Pereslavl and ALT Linux.

My greatest achievement in the period of university studies is book "SOLVING ENGINEERING AND MATHEMATICAL TASKS IN SCILAB", written together with ALEKSEEV EVGENYI and CHESNOKOVA OKSANA.

I am much indebted to my superviser VYBOROV SERGEI for my formation as a specialist in ecological geology field. Owing to him beginning from the 3d curriculum every solicitous student could take part in the field work on the Donetsk region objetcts. At that time I've got my first wages, earned for the work as ecologist :).

Thanks to recommendation of VYBOROV SERGEI I have got an opportunity to work as ecologist on "Vostokekoprom" LTD. This is a notably precious experience for me! I want to thank director LYSAK Ihor for giving me a chance to work with the newest automated engineering systems - Autodesk Civil 3D, GeoniCS, Geodirect.

For the nearest future I'll do all my best to enlarge my knowledge and to improve my skills in the fields of ecology and engineering geology.

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