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Donetsk National Technical University Pozhidaev Sergey Sergeevich

Pozhidaev Sergey Sergeevich

Faculty: Mechanical

Speciality: Metallurgical equipment

Theme of master`s work:  "Design of manipulator for the input of chopping elements in a converter 160 t"

Leader of work:   Eron`ko Sergey Petrovich


My Biography:

          I am Pozhydayev Sergey, was born in 1 December 1984 in Gorlovka of the Donetsk region. My family: father - Pozhydayev Sergey Vasilyevich was in 1957, mother - Pozhydaeyva Victoria Vladimirovna was born in 1961 and brother - Pozhydayev Vladimir, 1981.

        In 1987 I was taken in nursery school, where my childhood and I acquired new acquaintances. When I was in a preparatory group, my parents took me to sporting ball dances. Sport became the sense of life for me.

        In 1992 I went out into the first class of general school ¹52 in Gorlovka. During the school years I had a lot of good friends, we had a perfect time together. I took part in different out-of-school activities, KHI, competitions. In 1998 I was the champion of the Donetsk region among Juniors-2. I devoted to sport twelve years of my life.

        In 2002 I finished school and without any problems passed entering examinations, and was included in the staff of students of mechanical faculty of the Donetsk National Technical University on the specialty «Metallurgical equipment». The first days of studing at university were very boring and hard, but soon everything became much easier. I had a purpose to achieve a lot and without any problems.

        In 2004 I entered the faculty of post-graduate education of the DonNTU to get the second higher education on specialty «Management of organizations». The educational schedule was very tough; I had to make the choice: studing or sport. I finished the department of «Military preparation» in the university and got the rank of the jr. lieutenant of Military forces of Ukraine in a reserve. In 2006 I got a bachelor’s degree on the specialty «Metallurgical equipment», on the basis of which continued studying in a magistracy, where I work at theme: “Design of manipulator for the input of chopping elements in a converter 160 t”.

        In 2006 I got a bachelor’s degree on the specialty «Management of organizations» and I decided to my study to receive continue a specialist’s degree.In my future I plan to get long-awaited education and become the claimed highly qualified and skilled specialist in the region.

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