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Lepetukha Denis Evgenievich


Faculty: mechanical
gr. “Ő01-ŗ

The Theme of masters work: "Technological maintenance of abrasive processing of cylindrical thin-walled products"

Leader: Mikhaylov Aleksandr Nikolaevich

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    Individual task

      My name is Lepetuha Denis Evgenevich. I was born on August, 20th, 1983 in the city of Gorlovka of Donetsk region then still the Soviet Ukraine. I was born in a simple family: my father, Lepetuha Evgenie Prokofevich, has been working at a mine for about 25 years, though he is a pensioner. My mum, Lepetuha Lyudmila Nikolaevna carried out not less useful work, gave people pleasure look beautifully, she worked in a fashion house. After a birth of my sister, and then after me, mum was devoted her life to us , for what I shall be always grateful to her

      At the age of 7, as it was necessary, I went to the first class of a comprehensive school Ļ 52. Up to 5-th class I was quite good at in studying, but then our class was divided and I went to physical and mathematical class. There for some reason my I didnít manage to study, and among teachers the image was strongly fixed to me as a silent ďtroechnika ". As it was not strange, how met not preventive to knowing perfectly well chemistry and physics - my favourite subjects, it did alongweth adored music, drawing and works. On works I received the first experience of dialogue with a lathe. I donít want to boast, that I at once turned a detail which would pull at least the category on the third; I shall tell only, that it is literally after two rotations of mossiness mushroom of cross-section submission a cutter was broken, work stopped, though the engine continued to hoot, and I understood, that it, probably, last my dialogue with this terrible machine.

      Not looking at this case, I was very interested in technics, machines and mechanisms, especially their devices. If mechanical toys, clocks, various spare parts from TVs and the other detail which fell as a victim to my inquisitive mind and hardworking hands were able to speak , all of them unanimously would declare that I do not lies. But it does not mean, that all my similar activity had only destructive character.

      I am proud, of one of cases from my childhood, and I shall be proud of it most. And business was soÖ

      My mum bought a new sewing machine. But in practice it was not possible to work on it: the thread was constantly confused, jammed in a shuttle, was torn.

      The "qualified" serviceman from a sewing organization came to rescue business. Trying to repair the machine some time, he confidently and categorically stated - the given product had factory failure and it couldnít repaired.

     Trauhly speaking, I was delighted to have a new toy. My mum was very surprised when I presented her attention a completely corrected product with a factory failure. As it appeared, it was any enough to a drive of a shuttle. Now my sister works with this machine.

     I ended school normally, on the eke of a millennium (in 2000 year speaking easier) and with one ďthreeĒ on English in the certificate. Here, as usual, all doors in a life were opened to me, but I decided to knock only two: Gorlovka motor transportation technical school (as the basic variant) and Gorlovka machine-building college (as a spare one). Here the destiny probably interfered and I became the machine engineer (to what I am sincerely glad). I was enlisted on 2 rate GMK on a speciality Processing of materials on machine tools and automatic transfer lines.

     My curator, Kotyukova Lyubov Mihailovna at once considered my "lucid mind". As a matter of fact, I should thank only her for what I have already became and who I will become in future. Only she forced me to believe in myself and gave me that push which moves me up to this day.

     In GMK I received 3-rd category of the turner (remember my acquaintance to the machine tool?) besides I was twice awarded with letters for excellent study and for active participation in a public life of college, participated in coutests on descriptive geometry where I took the second place. I ended college in 2003 year, having received the diploma of the younger expert with distinction.

     I didnít decide to stop on this, and Lyubov Mihailovna insisted, speaking, that I mast study at the masterís degree (strange, but I then for some reason in it did not trust). So I have appeared at Donetsk national technical university where I was enlisted on 3-rd rate in group Tm-01a, a speciality Technology of mechanical engineering.

     In 2005 year I received the bachelor's degree with distinction and one of the few was selected by faculty for a masterís degree where now and I continue to study. At present under supervision of prof. Mihajlov Alexander Nikolaevich I deal with a problem of technological maintenance of abrasive processing of cylindrical thin-walled products.

     As to my choice of the chair and a theme here more likely all on the contrary - Alexander Nikolaevich himself has selected me, and we chose a theme already together.

     It appears, this question is still very poorly studied here again there is a huge open space for new opening and interesting experiments. I hope very much , that I will not disappoint the faculty that it has done my the honour, having enabled to study in a masterís degree. I will try to apply to the full received within the precincts of GMK and DonNTU knowledge, and also to put all the efforts for the decision of a task in view.

     During free time from a science I am engaged in music. In 2000 year I with the best friends have organized group where all of us without music education began with full zero. Again at will of a case I am became the drummer. Now in group 4 persons: the drums, two guitars and a bass. We play fast cheerful music, actively we participate in spent festivals of Donetsk, Kharkov, Mariupol and other cities. We receive invitations to performances in musical clubs of Donetsk and Kharkov, we shall organize concerts In Gorlovka, inviting to performance of group of other cities.

      Not looking at arising financial and technical difficulties, we keep 6 years and at present actively we prepare for record. It is interesting, that many my friends who know me as the drummer of cheerful and reckless group Mary Jane are surprised very much, when learn that I the honours pupil, I have two red diplomas and I am going to study at masterís degree. No less than those who knows me as the provisional pupil, do not to trust the eyes, seeing me on a stage.

     But also and others ask those, how I have time to be engaged in all it? I Admit fairly, I had still a heap of time, the serious attitudes which smells like slightly a stamp in the passport were not fastened yet.

     As to my plans for the future my first problem for today is a successful performance masterís works and its successful protection. And about the far future is not so simply. All of us we live during new interesting and astable time. All varies and constantly it is necessary to be arranged under changes of a political or economic situation. But one it is possible to tell with confidence - the science is necessary for developing, it is impossible to stand on a place and to lag behind dynamically developing world.

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