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Galygin Vyacheslav Vyacheslavovich

Faculty: FCTI
Specialty: Computer systems and networks
Subject of the final work: "Research of the intellectual systems of the aeration of excavation in mines"
Chief of the work: Kovalev S.A.

Materials on the subject of the final work:

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  • Birthday data: 18 of march 1984y.
  • Place of birthday: c.Mariupol of Donetsk region
  • Family status: single
  • Education:
    • From 1990 up to 2000 y. - Donetsk Profile Gymnasia 122
    • From 2001 y. - student of the magistrates of the Donetsk National
      Technical University, on English Engineering faculty,specialty: "Computer systems and networks"
  • Habits of work: programming on , ++, Pascal, Assembler. Knowledge of Russian, Ukrainian and English languages


          I was born on March, 18, 1984 in the city of Zhdanov (which after reformation and displacement of comrade Zhdanov began to refer to Mariupol) of Donetsk area. My infancy has passed to the companies of mum and the grandmother because my father at this time gave the duty to fatherland. After his safe returning to the home, we have moved from Mariupol on the permanent residence to the famous city of Donetsk, where I live sow day. In preschool years, as well as most of children I was restless, harmful and terribly curious, for what quite often got in different sorts of trouble, but I got out of many was able. However I was the early child, that is has early learned to go, has early learned to speak, has early learned to write. Favourite toys, except for usual pistols and machines for boys, were various sort of meccano, which through my hands has passed great variety.
          In seven years I have gone to the first class of school 123. However to finish it to me it was not fated. After the third class, in connection with reception of an apartment we have moved to other area and in the fifth class I have already gone to the school 122, which nowadays becoming the Donetsk Profile Grammar school 122. For school days the circle of my interests and hobbies was rather wide and various: in the beginning from the first on the fifth class there were variety dances and chess, then ball dances and karate. From school subjects of me involved the exact sciences, though I was advanced in the others, therefore after the eighth class when all of us have to be distributed on profiles, I have chosen a physical and mathematical direction. But, in the ninth class happened an event, which has defined my further destiny, at least, on the nearest some years me, at last, were possible to persuade parents to buy to me a computer. Since this moment began my way to the world of IT-technologies. In the beginning, naturally, as well as it is necessary, I have started active development of the world of computer games. However gradually games began to bother a little and me has pulled something to adjust, to investigate something, to put any software and now computer has not sustained, it hasnt been designed for such perverted forms of a sadism and it begins to be bent every three, four days. But to investigate programs appeared much more interestingly, than to play games, therefore I persistently continued to improve the knowledge and at last a cut-and-try method started to yield the results - I began to understand a little what I do (not without the help, of more skilled in it, friends), glitches began much less. And so my successes on computer science have sharply gone uphill, and eventually what to get on regional olympiad to me it was not necessary to come on school, I automatically already was in the list.
          So, before purchase of a computer I rather vaguely represented whom I want to be in the future as the boom of cosmonauts, pilots and scouts has left together with disorder of the Soviet Union, and the place of left ideals has not yet been borrowed by new. But after a year after purchase of a computer my ideas concerning of the future trade became more concrete, and to the eleventh class I precisely knew where to submit documents. And, left school with a medal (I at all do not know where it now days), I have submitted documents in famous DPI on faculty VT. Has entered on ratings, and now I am the master. From university I remember the first impressions vaguely as there was it very much for a long time and naturally now, from height of the fifth rate, all looks much more differently. After the ending of university, while I see myself the system administrator in prestigious firm, with the further prospects of growth. Ideas about the second higher education on any economic specialty, for expansion all the same prospects of growth even more often start to appear. However while all this plans, but I am able to achieve the.

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