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Theme of the work : “Development and research algorithm of compression the voice data with use wavelet - transformations ”

Teacher: Horhordin A.V.




Was born on January, 11, 1983 in the city of Makeyevka . When has moved to Donetsk - I do not remember, likely it was somewhere in 1984. Since the early childhood was very restless child. Already in a kindergarten frequently got in trouble, therefore the headache at my parents began very much for a long time and increases directly proportionally to my age.


In 1989 has gone to a comprehensive school №115. Up to the third class studied perfectly well, and in the fourth has received the first four on rhythmics. After that four I received frequently, but only on Russian, Ukrainian to languages and the literature.


From sports hobbies of an early youth I can recollect only employment by table tennis from the fifth on the sixth classes.


At school I have studied up to the eighth class. In 1996 my parents have insisted to receipt in Donetsk technical liceum where I and have studied the rest 4 years. I am very grateful to them for it. Prove in a full degree I could there, likely, therefore I and received various letters. The love to the exact sciences at me has appeared at school, therefore I every year in liceum participated in Olympiads on physics, mathematics and chemistry.


To act in DonNTU has decided in 10 class, therefore to prepare for ratings began from the beginning 11 classes. Tried to be engaged with the tutor, however after the first employment has understood, that new it to me will not tell anything.


Speciality chose by criterion of the most effective, in my opinion, names. Accordingly the name “ Telecommunication Systems and Networks ” appeared the most effective. I think, that the choice appeared correct.


At receipt went on all three ratings and has typed 48, 56 and 52 points accordingly. Just 56 points to me also have helped to arrive on the budgetary form of training.


From the first rate studied rather assiduously. On the second rate has borrowed 3 place on intrahigh school Olympiad on physics. In this direction more any achievements at me are not present.


The first technological practice passed on Open Society " Ukrtelecom ". There, in practice, I have learned a lot of interesting about coordinate automatic telephone exchanges, as it was useful to me on 5 rate. The second practice I, as well as many my fellow students, passed formally - on a paper.


In research work has engaged only on the fourth rate under the direction of the senior lecturer of faculty CITA Horhordina A.V. However I have chosen a final theme of my work on 5 rate and the senior lecturer of faculty AT Degtjarenko I.V has helped me with it. A theme of work: “Development and research algorithm of compression the voice data with use wavelet - transformations ”. The problem of compression of the speech information is enough actual. Development of modern telecommunication networks is characterized by increase in a share of the multimedia traffic. The important component of the multimedia traffic is audio the information, and in particular the speech information. The most effective methods of compression of speech signals are based on decomposition of an initial signal on components and coding of these a component. Speech signals concern to a class of non-stationary signals, that in many respects complicates their correct decomposition since the majority of methods of decomposition of signals, for example a method of spectral decomposition, are constructed on the assumption about стационарности a decomposed signal. Just one of effective modern methods of decomposition of non-stationary signals is the method wavelet the analysis.


As to plans for the future I am going to remain to work on faculty if, certainly, will leave, and in due course to arrive in postgraduate study.