Personal page of the master of a specialty "Metal forming"
Donetsk National Technical University



Kulagin Roman

Kulagin Roman

Adviser: professor Beygelzimer Y.

Theme of master’s works: “Development of a technique of designing of calibration rolls for rolling of trumpet preparation of the big diameter”


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I was born on March, 14, 1983 in the city of Makeevka of Donetsk region. In six years, I started to visit occupations of game on a piano at musical school. In seven years I have gone to the first class, during same time started to be engaged in acrobatics at children's youthful sports school. At general educational, musical and sports schools I always tried to achieve the maximal results. Took part in musical concerts. Four years won first place city competitions on acrobatics on end. In 1996 I end musical school and the same year I receive the first adult category on acrobatics. In 1997 has arrived in the lyceum, favorites subjects become mathematics, physics and chemistry. In the given subjects won in school, regional and participated in city Olympiads.

The aspiration to self-improvement results in occupations by fighting arts. So before leaving school I was engaged in hand-to-hand fight, free-wrestling, and other. In 1999 I become a member of the center of a survival "SEAL", and with we distinguish, I pass certification on the instructor of a rate of a survival.

After school I act on the first rate of physics-metallurgical faculty DonNTU. Here I receive an opportunity seriously to be engaged in favorite’s subjects, under the direction of the leading expert Professors Beygelzimer Y. On IV rate for excellent study and active participation in research works "Donix" gives to me the grant it Professor Shulgin G. Two of year successively (2004, 2005) I become prize-winner Ukrainian to student's Olympiad on «Metal forming» in Kiev.

After the termination of high school I plan to work on the specialty, continuing to be improved, as the expert, not stopping on achievements, as in a science, and sports.