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Арутюнянц Ануш Суреновна

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Arutyunyants Anush

Theme of master's degree work:
"Ecological estimation of the green planting in town Donetsk"


There is a number in a calendar, at one look on which sweetly my heart stops beating - on June, 9, 1982. It is the date of my birth.
I was born in the town Makeevka, the Donetsk region and whole year, two months and nine days was a sole child in family.

When to me was four years with a half I went out into artistic school, began to dances and English. In general, was engaged in self-perfection. And, here, in one of ordinary, to my mind days, a brief-case was given in hands me, dressed in a school form and sent to study. And there was this a 1989 year.
The school life passed year by year.
My lessons by dances proceeded at school, and in one of ill-starred days I said to the parents, that I want to learn to play on a harp and go for a drive on skates, but me, why - at was sent to musical school on a classat "Violoncell" , in the section of karate and more on a chess.

In higher forms I carried with geography, history, archaeology. Began to take part in school measures. Carried with literature. In the beginning simply read much, then began to write. I hope that my making to see the light somewhen.
In a ninth class I become the participant of olympiads on history, geography, biology. This participation brought a lot of prize places me.

In the eleventh class I to all with a confidence told that my future profession the archaeologist. It was not folded. INSTITUTE in which prospects were for a successful study and further deserving perfection in this region is found in Russia of higher. Unfortunately, parents turned out against my departure outside Ukraine.
And, spring of 2000th year, preliminary examinations begin in a few months, and I continue to think about my future profession. A question was settled by itself. Once I took part in the "ecological evening". Every day the rehearsals I began to behave more serious to notion the "ecology". For me it acquired a new sense. Then, maybe, that the problems of ecology seriously was worried me against.
When came on September, 1, 2000 I became the student of the Donetsk state technical university (now the Donetsk national technical university), faculty of ecology and chemical technology on speciality - "Applied ecology"!
A study in an university opened up to me a new look on the life. For that time, which I conducted in an university did not do without the personal achievements which I want simply to transfer:
  • Diplom of the III regional student conference of Allukrainian ecological League "Problem of state developmade".
  • In times of study I become chairman of city organization Leagues of young People in the town Makeevka.
  • I enter into the rows of the "Allukrainian ecological league".
  • I become the correspondent of the newspaper "Donetsk politehnik ".
  • At once after the receipt in at university I begin to get stuady - by archery.
  • I take part in Allukrainian competitions.
After a fourth course, getting the red diplom of bachelor. I became the student of magistrecy. Now defence of master's degree work is a major stage for achievement of the cherished dream (receipt of diploma of master's degree). In realization of my dream patiently k.b.n helps me. Shtirts Yu. A. Tema my work: "Ecological estimation of the green planting of city of Donetsk" to us seemed by interesting and perspective and we with enthusiasm embarked on its development.
On the nearest future I plan to get the diploma of master's degree, to be perfected in the profession; to seize still, at least, by one speciality; to find the deserving place of work.