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Василенко А.В.

Vasilenko Andrey Vladimirovich

Donetsk National Technical University

The Faculty of Economics and Management

Profession "Accounting and Audit"

The theme of master's work "Improvement of account of financial instruments in the terms of industrial enterprise "

The scientific adviser - Bilyaze Lyubov Petrovna


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I was born on the 3 of april in Enakievo of Donetsk region. I wasn't interested, where I was given by my parents. I remember the kindergarden not very well, only that I haven't like it very much. Now I can remember that I was waiting for a time, when we had an active time spending, for example, games, running and other. This consideration hadn't vanished with years, and I have a great plesure from it! My kindergarden teachers were astonished from where the small boy could take so much energy! 

Generally, I can't remember the kindergarden time with plesure. Well, I couldn't live at the schedule: morning exercises, breakfast, walking with the children, dinner, "sleep time", supper and so on. I always wanted to make deeds! I wasn't like the regular spending of such beautiful time like childhood! Because of that I didn't go to kindergarden for a long time. I know I was interested by everything, and my parents and grandmothers have used that: diffirent activities were given to me and I liked them very much, because they were opening me a life. Before a school I played chess, went for sport sections and other sections: I wasn't interested by girls that time! 

Then I entered the school, where from the first lesson I showed my best properties. I took part in all holidays, sport competitions, visited library and so on. Also I took part in all labour arrangements. Also I took part in competintions at knowledges between schools in many subjects. I played football, basketball, gandball, tennis, chess for my school's teams. We always took the first places at competitions. At the end of school I got the gold medal. 

When I was in the ninth class I entered the music school at the class of "Guitar". I remember my first lesson, when I couldn't get my fingers at the strings, and after some lessons I played difficult plays. I finished the music school with the muniment. My teachers thought I entered the Conservatory but I've chosen the studying of economic subjects. Also I finished the drive school and got the drive license. It was difficult from october till march to visit three schools simultaneously. At the last bell I saw beads on the faces of our girls. And at the last school evening I sang my own song to my school and my teachers. Some of them were crying. And I liked it... So, I had an interesting school time. 

Then I decided the question of entering the university and I entered to DonSTU, our days - DonNTU. When I delivered my documents I didn't know my future profession. So, first I chose "Managment of International Buisness Activity", bu after three sessions I decided that my profession was "Accounting and Audit". It was easy to study. It was more easy to be fond of sport. Our basketball team of the facultet always took the first places. After finishing of four courses I give the claim for a specialist but after ninth session during winter holidays I decided to give the claim for a master. So I was entered to the group of masters. One of the events was the second place at university competition in "Accounting and Audit" in the spring of 2003. And in the spring of 2004 I took part in the ukrainian competition in "Accounting and Audit", where I took place in the first of 30th. Of course, I could show my knowledge much better.

What about my plans for a future, I have an idea to go to Kiev after graduating of DonNTU ant try myself in the audit company. Also I want to get the license of the auditor for my audit activity. But I don't want miss a chance to try myself in a big sport. I say about football. Of course, I want to consistent these two businesses and to become the best footbalist among the accounters-auditors and the best accounter-auditor among the footbalists! The time will show the reality of my plans.

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