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Ustimenko Victoria Vladimirovna
U s t i m e n k o
V i c t o r i a
V l a d i m i r o v n a

Faculty of economy and management
Speciality: Management of the enterprise
Group: E-99

Theme of masters work: Perfection of management by competitiveness of the enterprise.

Supervisor: docent, PhD of economic Zhilchenkova V.V.

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I was born in the city of Donetsk on July, 5, 1982. In the childhood I did not like to go in kindergarden though always I was the child cheerful and very sociable.

In 1989 I have gone in I a class of comprehensive school I-III of steps 93 of Donetsk him. N.P.Zherdev. The school life passed interestingly. Since 5-th class I actively participated in a public life of school for what management and pedagogical collective I was repeatedly awarded with letters and diplomas. Being the person initiative, frequently realized the organizing abilities in preparation school holidays. Always I had versatile interests. At leisure I was engaged in dances on which went to ensemble of "Iskorki" with 6-ty years and down to 7-th class.

In 1998 I has fixed skills of oral speech and the letter on English language and I having heard a correspondence curriculum under the program " English for beginning " in witness whereof has received the certificate of the Ukrainian European School of Correspondent Training (Kharkov).

In 7-th class I went with the class in the Ivano-Frankovsk area for deeper acquaintance with culture and customs of our people. Where I had an opportunity to lead Christmas holidays in the present Ukrainian village. And there I have seen as solemnly and the Christmas is cheerfully celebrated... These are unforgettable impressions.

In 10-th class "The Ms.-spring'98" spent in our school I has with the great pleasure taken part in competition of beauty for what I have been awarded with the Diploma for borrowed I a place. As a prize I had an opportunity free-of-charge to be engaged a floor of year in modelling agency "Klassik" which was the organizer of action.

These years I have solved the near future. That it is free in 11-th class to visit rates for acting in DonNTU (Donetsk National Technical University), already in 10-th class I ahead of schedule have perfectly well passed final examination at the rate "The Operator of the COMPUTER" and I have received the certificate on a speciality "The Operator of the COMPUTER" interschool industrial practice combine of labour training and vocational counselling of pupils of the Kirov area of Donetsk.

So I have chosen for myself a speciality in one of the most prestigious HIGH SCHOOLS of Ukraine.

In 1999 I have acted in Donetsk National Technical University on a speciality "The Management of the enterprises" faculty of Economy and management. To study it was cheerful. The first 2-3 years my group very amicably marked all birthdays and holidays. And later the life has taken the: someone was employed, at someone the family has appeared... But even now our not numerous meetings same cheerful, noisy and unforgettable.

In 2003 I has handed over perfectly well graduation examinations and I has received the bachelor's degree on a speciality "Management of the enterprises". And is farther I has made the decision to receive a rank of the master.

Student's life of any of us it is necessary to end with protection of the diploma. About it I also want to talk. For myself I have chosen a theme of degree work connected with management by competitiveness of the enterprise. This question has excited me more at all. As the general analysis of activity of firm, comparison of the received data to real external factors and a presence of correct ways of an output from developing situations - it is far important at each stage of activity of any organization.

Summing up, I want to tell: to become the professional in the area is uneasily. But, as for me, I want to come nearer to this as much as possible. My purpose - to promote and be engaged in favourite business to realize the abilities intuition and skills on all hundred!

Dissertation Electronic library Links Search Results Individual