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Kladchenko I. S.

Kladchenko Irina Sergeevna

Master of a speciality: "Economics of Enterprise"

Faculty of Economy and Management


thesis of the degree dissertation: "Foundation of the Innovative Potential"

supervisor of studies: Candidate of Economic Science, senior lecturer of the chair "Economics of Enterprise" Kravchenko Sergey Ivanovich

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My own life began twenty-one years ago. I was born on the 21-st of March in 1983 in one of the biggest and wellknown cities of Ukraine, in Donetsk. No matter where I will be gone with the wind of the life Donetsk will stay the first place I will always come back. Because it is the place of my birth, my parents, relatives and friends live there, the most important events of my childhood and youth happened in this city. E. Hemingway said: "There is nothing more difficult than to write a simple honest story about a man". It is confirmed especially wheh we try to speak about ourselves. So, I'll try to dedicate this biografy to the objective exposition of the most important and essential facts of my own life. It begins from my family which consists of my Dad - Kladchenko Sergey Vasilevich (1959), builder by profession and by heart, my Mum - Kladchenko Alla Vladimirovna (1959), teacher in the kindergarten, "expert" of the childish hearts, my brother Sergey (1988), senior pupil, independent person, romantic in soul, of cause my dear grandmothers and grandfathers.

Unfortunately only scrappy remembrances about those marvellous period of my childhood stayed in my memory. There are colorful pictures kept by memory from inexorable course of time and from life flying away. I was born an inquisitive child with a thirst for adventures and travellings. So, according to mum's words and my own memories they took place very often. I remember my return home from the shop alone without shoppings and very important - without Dad, who couldn't even imagine how his 3 years old daughter-fidget could do this. Also it's worth to say about parents' long quest for their lost child who has found a "secret place" in the vineyard in the kitchengarden and about my short travelling barefoot on the snow after beloved grandfather. But nevertheless, I grew mostly quiet and obedient child who was given every support and warm-heartedness by the relatives. One day exciting world of Books was opened to me by my Mum. I was rewarding listener and could listen to a favourite storty with great pleasure again and again. Everybody had a sigh of relief when I learnt to read by myself. The great characters of my childhood became Mumi-Troll and Snusmumrik from the tale "Mumi-Troll and a Comet", fox-cub Ludvig Fourteenth from the tale of the same name, Nils from the tale "Nils' Adventures with Wild Geese", Elly and her friends from "Magician of the Emerald Town". I completely agree with the words of the famous English tale-teller J. R. R. Tolkien that adults should also read tales. That tale, especialy fairy tale doesn't take us away from reality but lets us look at it from another side, make sure that Good always overcomes Evil, that hope is still alive, that we always have a true friend beside and the path leading to the skyline.

After leaving kindergarten in 1989 I like every soviet child of those days I went to school (#8). I don't know why but I'll never forget exactly the first "two" for the diary-keeping, playing at the "he" (catching up) with boys during the breaks and a hurted knee as a result, of cause becoming an octyabryonok and understanding why "twice two is four". Next year because of such concurrence of circumstances I was sent to another school (#95) where I had set following nine years and graduated it in 1999. School time is an essential part of the life, lessons of the life obtained in the school are the most remembering. Exactly in school the first feelings of sympathy appeared, the strong friendship started. There were also quarrels, disappointments and losses. We were tought by the pedagogues with a capital P. It is easy to understand especialy now, when you look over your life at a distance, when tne knowlege (in the broad sense of the word) obtained at that time has become a strong foundation to my future life. It was united staff which had a leader in the person of its director Matiyachuk Vladimir Mikhalovich, real man and fond of his pupils teacher. He tought us to comprehend a subject but not to cram it, tought us thinking spetially, tought us the art of living. I would like to call all my teachers by name but it is from another story... I consider only a pupil and in a smaller degree a student is able to understand the meaning of the "HOLIDAYS": spring, winter and especially summer. School life consists of certain achivements during the educational process. There are marks, rewards and certificates from school competitions, medals for the exelent studies. It is completely effective stimulus for getting knowlege or for becoming a leader among the puipls. But I think it is wrong to divide them into "exelent pupils" and "only getting "two" pupils". They are first of all people with own dreams and hobbies, own attitudes to the world and life understending. I took part in the competitions of different subjects (biology, science of law), but I won the 1-st place for geography in the competition among schools of our city in the 10-th form. I finished school and was rewarded with a gold medal for the exelent study. Also I found myself as an actress in a role of Dezdemone in the history and law school competitions. The Birth Day organizing by class teacher every month, traditions of celebrating the 23-d of Febuary and the 8-th of March will be kept by my memory forever.

One spring day a school bell and a famous song "When we leave a school..." rang for me for the last time. In that moment I didn't feel an importance of already finished stage yet. Sadness of parting mixed with just opening opportunities. I'm sure none of us comprehended that childhood went away further and further because of new period of life coming to us at a velocity of light. Making a choice of future profession, entering an university and entrance exams waited for us! I didn't have clear enough wishes about my future. In the early childhood I wanted to become a surgeon, then as I grew up a little I decided to become an architect because of my thirst of adventures and discoveries. After that there was such period of life when I changed my mind to the profession of policewoman. But the opportunities of my parents, economic and educational conditions of Ukraine became determinants of my choice. So, I decided to connect my life with economics, had a good luck: entered the university and chose the speciality which wanted at first. And four years of study in Donetsk National Technical University befor getting bachelor's diploma have flown like an instant. We had our first lecture on Economic History in the 3.444. And frantic searches of necessary lecture-room were my first impressions about the university. I also remember the first meeting with our chair ("Economics of enterprise"). Last fifth year of study seemed so far and at those moment we were waiting with anxiety and some impatience for the second (after entrance exams) student test. That was the first examination session. As for me it seemed the most important in study at that time. But after these important things appeared more and more essential ones. I had something to overcome in the each course of studies. Knowlege and pedagogical abilities of lecturer were of importance for our understanding and interests. The end of second, third and fourth courses were filled with different events. I obtained Certificate of Ukraine Ministry of Education and Science of DonNTU for the well passed exam in English according the course "HEADWAY Intermediate" in 2001. In 2002 I was rewarded with Diploma of Ukraine Ministry of Education and Science of Technical Univesity Podillya (Hmelnizky city) for the taking part in the Ukrainian student competition (speciality: "Management of people sourses") for the originality in solving problem in the nomination "The Linear Optimisation". In 2003 I got another Certificate of Ukraine Ministry of Education and Science of DonNTU for the well passed exam in English according the course "HEADWAY Advanced". In July 2003 I finished the fourth course study in DonNTU and was rewarded with Bachelor's diploma (honours degree). My story was uncompleted without our sea camp "Burevestnik" (summer-2001), without visiting Hmelnizky, without football season 2000-2001 and trip to Kiev at the match between FC "SHahtar" and FC "Dinamo" for the Cup of Ukraine, without my friends.

Time for choosing came after finishing fourth course of study. It was choice between Spesialist's diploma and Holder of a master's degree diploma. I entered magistracy according to the future changes in education because of expected Ukranian integration to European Society. Reasons of choosing a supervisor of studies and a topic of the degree dissertation are connected with the subject "Economics and organization of the innovative activity" which was lectured by Candidate of economic science, senior lecturer of the department "Economics of enterprise" Kravchenko Sergey Ivanovich. Specificity of the subject with its actuality, vast space for researching, presence of unsolved problems and manner of teaching (person of lecturer) were not the least of factors influenced on my choice. So I've stopped on the topic sounded as "Foundation of the innovative potential". My perfomance with report according chosen direction of research at The Fourth international scientific conference of the students and young scientists "MANAGEMENT BY THE SOCIAL-ECONOMIC SYSTEMS' DEVELOPMENT: GLOBALIZATION, BUSINESS, STEADY ECONOMIC GROWTH" organized by Donetsk National University (in autumn 2003) became a confirmation of this fact. As a result of the first researches scientific article was co-authored and published in the Collected articles of DonNTU (Economic part). But it is only the first step which has been already made by me, which makes me don't rest on my laurels.

Autumn (2003) has staid in my memory not only as a beginning of a new educational year. A dream of my childhood became true in that period of time. I went dancing to the danceclub "Bravo" organized by dancing couple Shapovalov Roman Valentinovich and Anna Valentinovna. I has understood that learning to dance never can be too late. But it is even necessary for getting exelent mood and making your soul flying. There is a visit card of the dancing process in this club.

Speaking about my future plans I'm sure that everything depends only on me. In spite of everything I want to live long and interesting life, be happy to each of its displays and overcome difficulties on the way to achievement of the aim. I want to become a real person, good spetialist and loving mother.

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