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Ian M. Alperovitch Ian M. Alperovitch
Date of birth: December, 10, 1982
Speciality: "International Economy"
Group: IE-99
Master Thesis Topic: "The forming of investment project analysis's model taking into account the international practice"
Scientific adviser: Ph. D., Associated Professor, Yana V. Khomenko

My biography

I remember much about what was before the school. I remember how I torn off just pasted wall-paper and what I got from parents after it. I remember how I fell in garages cellar. But it is better to start from the beginning.

All this began on December the 10, 1982 about 9 am. Already then I was given a name, and as far as I know, I have avoided change of pair three of names. My farther himself comes from Ivano-Frankovsk, and it has turned out, that I since the early childhood started to travel. I almost at once arrived to stay for a while there, and, it is natural, that small helpless child became object of total survey and criticism. But it is necessary to tell, that I am lucky with my family. No boasting, it is only the attempt to thank my natives for all that they done for me and continue to do.

By their words, I was very active child. I early started to walk, and as soon as it has taken place, I became hassle for all. I soiled so much, that I was hanged a handbell. So it was possible to define what I do. If it rings, it means, I am somewhere and horsing around, if it have calmed down - somewhere doing something.

Besides I differed, and, similar, till now I am distinguished by excellent appetite. Business reached that to that extent that when the parents were walking with me I was sleeping, but as soon as they entered the house me eyes opened, and after them the mouth opened and the howl began, and it lasted until they put a meal in my mouth. My aunty says that she came earlier from work on a break, before I wake up, to have time to prepare something to eat.

And in a kindergarten began my true childhood. There I already realized myself, and I remember it, instead of the stories of parents. And the very first memoirs of this time are connected to my best friend to this day. Actually, we are familiar from carriages and even earlier. Our mums were friends at early school age. So it is quite natural, that we "have got acquainted" right after births. Well, anyway, he has got acquainted with me, I am 3 weeks older, so I know him for 3 weeks less than I live. And so we set the fashion to weather in the kindergarten. Especially, when played with toys. These toys flied to all of the sitting children. Add here also that I was very small, and he very big and we never quarreled and always were together. In the same garden we always acted together on every actions in roles starting from Neznayka, to Cheburashka and crocodile Gena.

Not surprisingly, what exactly because of our tricks I have received a scar. And there was all very simply. We have decided to hammer in a sports lesson in a kindergarten, and we have hidden in a toilet! There (I as now remember) was a door with small windows, and in one there was no glass. Well, my friend was high and could look so, and I was not. So I asked him to lift me, and he made it. Only further he didnt manage to keep me. How many there were cries! You know if I will write about that time all that I remember, I shall not pass to school days. And in fact it is my first "working" everyday lives. I remember the 1th September, 1989 at school. I remember, how has taken off after the first lesson from a class and flown by almost all corridor. I remember our teacher Tatyana Mihajlovna. I never knew her surname, but I remember that she was amazingly patient with children, never raised a voice. She did not suffice me then in the senior classes.

First it was pleasant for me to study, then suddenly I began to receive notes. And I turned to be bad pupil, in the sense of notes. To receive 5 on mathematics for me was inaccessible top. 4 - a holiday. Then I have tested on myself all severity of my mother. After that I did not really have a choice. School days were for me short for one more reason. At the end of 6 class my parents together with parents of my friends decided to give us studies in Lyceum of Donetsk State University. I came to a class, and saw there 3 my friends. And so I have got from a class of 30 person in a class where there were only 4 persons. Then this lack, certainly, was filled, and we became 10. But nevertheless these years became the brightest to me. We began to study seriously there. Our teachers were people specially able to work with children. And there I began studies more persistently. First it was difficult for me, but then I noticed, that study is getting more easy and easy while at last, I understood, that I can study without straining and receive that what I want and need.

Being trained in lyceum except for the basic foreign language (English) I started to study also the French language. I always liked to learn languages. Maybe its because it comes easily for me. So I also got into school of studying French language Alliance FRANCAISE. By the way I managed to learn the Italian language, not in lyceum but while visiting Italy for 4 years. I lived in family and got many friends with whom I communicate even today.

As soon as we have finished 9 classes, I fully entered to the lyceum. This time I had specialization. Then I (and maybe not me) chose as a profile physics and mathematics. 10 and 11 classes were for me almost a university, and the after when I studied at university, to me it was much easier. I cannot brag of an amicable class, but I can brag of many friends whom I met and they are not only schoolmates, but also teachers.

Under the greater account, studying in lyceum it was cool. There any competitions of a KVN, holidays were constantly arranged. But soon even this stage of my life ended. The university approached, and it was necessary to choose on what specialty to study further. Actually I did not want to study as the economist. I wanted to be the lawyer, the expert on the economic right. And I should have entered economic-legal faculty. But then the opinion of parents has interfered my choice. They told me: the Economist will always have time to become the lawyer, and the lawyer the economist - it is not yet known . I do not know to what extent it is correct, but I have for some reason believed them. Thus, it left only to choose HIGH SCHOOL and a specialty.

The choice was unequivocal. HIGH SCHOOL - only technical university. Faculty - only economy and management. A specialty - only international business activities. Why? Because there was possible to enter to the English (Dutch) branch. What in fact turned to be so one year later. We turned out to be rather cheerful group from the very beginning. And at once there was a sensation, that we study already for a long time together.

I had to stop to learn the French after entering the university. But after 3 rates on summer vacations I made voyage across Europe on the bus. We have passed all France, and I decided to finish learning this language. So I again came to the same school. And within the framework of training language I was suggested to play in French speaking theatre at this school. At first I did not want, and then decided to try, and so tried, and since then (autumns of 2002) I have played. We have just returned from France where we took part in the international theatrical festival. By the way the photo on this site is done on the International University's Theatrical Festival in Besancon (France) on March 2004. We were unique representatives of Ukraine and Donetsk there. Besides, it is interesting, I can show records of performances, you will see that we did not disgrace our country!

To choose a theme of the dissertation for me appeared to be very easy. I was helped firstly by my teacher on discipline of the Investment, and secondly by the book about the quantum economic analysis which I was given by the farther (when I was in hospital). I have decided to study existing mechanisms, methods and tools of the analysis of investment projects. Why? Because in our less developed country investment is a big risk, and skill to lower this risk, to be exact risk of acceptance of the investment decision, seems to me very useful.

And now I study at the masters, and to speak friendly I miss many people from my old group IE-99a.

Looking back now for all years, that I have already passed in at university, I can tell with confidence, they will lack me. But studies would not be desirable any more for me. Now I work, and friendly speaking, I like it more and more.

I see, I told little. Well, if it is interesting to someone, contact me. There is info for suffice for book!

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