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Adamovich Yaroslav Vladimirovich

National university of Donetsk

Facultat of economic and managment

Speciality "Economic of business"

Topic of dissertation: "Logistic"

Teacher: Bondareva Irina Aleksandrovna,

assistant of chair "Economic of business"


Greetings. My name is Jaroslav. It is the first gift of my parents, friends call me dam is a reduction from my surname damovich. On the Father I Vladimir. We shall be familiar.

I was born on October, 22, 1981 in Donetsk, officially, and if simply, in a maternity home. When I have left the orbital station where I arrived 9 months at once has come into the hands of the person in a white dressing gown. But it is not important as he has been dressed, the main thing, that he was not terrible, due to what I since the childhood not stammering. My father long time worked in Yakutia. Therefore in the early childhood knew about him only from other. When he has arrived, I have already a little grown up. First our meeting has taken place under a bed where I was, and over me there was a daddy. I was frightened of his dense black beard, for what has called him stranger and has escaped. After that incidents mum has forced him to shave, then I have recognized his paternity.

In babyhouse was the gangster so tutors named me. But I denied all. Once the daddy has come to take away me from babyhouse, and has gone to the tutor which approved, that at me vshi, but father insisted on the opposite. Dispute has gone. The daddy has found the wise decision: " I shall cut Jaroslav on a zero but if will find out nothing I will be back and shall cut you. " Statements of the tutor have come to light false then I witness very interesting game: " I shall catch up cut you " It the Olympic kind of sports was not, but it was pleasant to me. Now in babyhouse was two gangsters, the daddy and I. There was an illness film " Naval cadets forward ". Vanity, constant pursuits of gangsters, liberation young girls, all this occured on playgrounds babyhouse. Eventually the first kiss, as gratitude for liberation. Farewell the man's companies, long live a female society. I carried out all free time with little girls. Parents have already started to experience for my orientation. But I simply searched for an occasion already in the childhood in at me skill to use cunning has been well enough advanced.

And I already at school. The first bell, the initial teacher, the first love, the first I want, the first is impossible. So has flown by the first class. A vacation have come. The first bicycle not to block up for a long time to wait for itself, and with him and next brought down legs, pedestrians, road accident, etc.

9-th class - the first final. The sea of dances, little girls, walk till the morning. But that the most important first feeling of independence: we went by a taxi.

Final 11-th class has not added anything new. Only I yet did not know through it is necessary to pass somewhere to arrive. In the childhood I wanted to be that the cosmonaut, the militiaman the pilot, but I even could not present that you are very difficult to choose a trade from which will not refuse in some years. That was necessary to stop on what, but searches proceeded. And any more I do not remember as, my choice has stopped on economy and if to be exact on economy of the enterprise. Entrance examinations have passed successfully. This choice probably makes each persons is little bit more senior, and gives the first experience the decision of questions which can affect all your life.

And dedication in students. 9-th educational case DonNTU then still DonSTU, the central entrance and as now I remember, the young man distributed newspapers for acted. I have taken the newspaper in hands and have quickly looked over. Not found for itself anything interesting, has combined it and has put a pocket. And all my attention has directed on a stage where sang, danced and teams of a KVN acted. In me white envy all that who raged stepped onstage. I there too wanted to appear. Already then the stage for me was not in a novelty. Since the tenth class I was the captain of a team of a KVN of school 43 and now it did not suffice me. Has come home and has decided to read the newspaper which more recently was in hands of the student any more the first rate. From the second attempt of search of the necessary information, all were found in a heading " by some advice for arrived ". One of advice sounded approximately so: That it is good to study, do not participate at all in KVN. I have taken into account it and even attention did not pay on public work. Studied, studied and once again studied, as great V.I.Lenin bequeathed.

Once my student's friend Andrey Lysenko has asked me to play very small role KVN performance. I have told firm was not present, but when I back have home bitten to myself all elbows, the whole two. He talk with me every day also has broken me. I have agreed to a tiny role. But having joined in collective I have understood, that only business will not be terminated by it. Already in debut I played not small role, and after this game I any more could simply studies. We not a skilled team has grown combined team DonNtU. Also the soul in paradise, and the fifth element in the first KVN trip to the city of Odessa was incurred. Then there were yet few cities of Ukraine.

In parallel was engaged promoution, that helped to support trousers. The first experience of earnings of money for students with development. Already on the third rate to me suggested to become the trading agent, unfortunately on it I did not have time. So overlapping promoution actions and KVN performances left not enough time for study. But while I consulted.

4-th rate was given very difficultly because of shortage of time. Gradually the KVN departed on lower position for experiences. Despite of all mishaps I have achieved the red diploma at the first stage, i.e. The bachelor. Never I shall forget announcement of results st. examination. This instant seemed to me eternity. Thank God a line were friends who have supported me this difficult minute.

And 5-th rate. A choice of a theme magistr's the project, in fact all this last rate of study. Thanks Bondarevoj Irina Aleksandrovne for patience. Only we have got acquainted and have started to cooperate closely on a question of the diploma as I was ill. Has had time to prepare very few information for a spelling of the diploma and was ill. If not Irina Aleksandrovna I do not know that did.

Now I work as the trading agent in the focal team first in Donetsk area on products from two companies and certainly I work above the "final" project. But I do not sit any more in library as it was on the first rate, and I use a modern communication facility, but, certainly, more written sources to not manage. In a week last summer semester, and can also last semester in all my life.

Most of all in lifes do not love to plan. Since, exactly scheduled events do not come true, at least once beside me, or simply events its, free, move. But possible little about future. What spoke Zadornov:" On professions wanted be a president". But this already to whom, as luck. Though I consider that its future, each person does itself. So, each of us builder of its lifes. Than above stand the plank, that greater success possible to obtain. So shall keep the words of Zadornov.

With you was I, Adamovich Jaroslav.