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Zuykov Roman Volodymyrovych

Donetsk National Technical University,
gr. EI-97a

E-mail: zuykov@dru.dn.ua


Supervisor: as. prof. Ivanov Olexandr Georgiyovych

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I was born on 28 April 1980 in Drughkovka. Namely my senior sister was the one who had a significant influence on me, who always helped me and taught me.

In each of us the genius sleeps, and some merry fellows add, that every day it sleeps stronger and stronger. My sister could inspire me, that I am talented too, that my talent should be developed and it is necessary to be engaged with something that brings you a maximum of pleasure then it will be possible to say the same as advertising slogan says: Life has been a success! In opinion of my sister I was good at studying foreign languages. And later I have believed in it. And if there could be something stronger, than belief. Each day I tried to find out something new, to study some more new words, I was subscribed to magazine DIGEST, I listened to BBC, and in the senior classes all of it has given me the result. I was the numerous winner of city and the participant of regional Olympiads, took part in competition Freedom Support Act and though I have not passed a third final part, but for me it was stimulus to even more intensive studying of language. And the main award for me was the fact that at university pairs on English language I felt like fish in the water. But it is not only my merit, but also a merit of my school teachers. I am also grateful to my University teachers Todorova N.U., Levenets L.G. and Egorova I.M.

Except for the English language I adored also mathematics. In this area I also had successes and achievements. And is it necessary to say, that I did not doubt in a choice of the future profession: I love mathematics it means that I shall study economy, but I also can not live without the English language it means that I shall study international economics. So I have made the choice of profession, and the choice of high school I also made without special problems: simply chose the best one. I ask those who disagree to send all remarks via e-mail.

Five years ago I made my choice and now I can say that I do not regret about it. The theme of my graduation thesis is The use of instruments of international tax planning to increase business effectiveness . This dissertation is very interesting and important to me, and I hope that knowledge gained while working under this theme will be useful for in my future labor activity.

When I was a second year student in 1999 I took part in practical-scientific conference in Chmelnytskyi with a  report on problems of taxation in Ukraine. When I was a third year student in I took part in University conference in with a report Role of leadership in strategic decision making.

I am going to adopt all of my knowledge in my future work activity and continuously perfect myself.

My leisure time I prefer to spend with my friends, I like good music, I am going in for sports hard training.

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