Tretinnikova Olga Nikolaevna Третинникова Ольга Николаевна

Ukrainian            Russian




group EER 97

subject of the work: "Management of the technical renewal of industry (enterprise) "

supervisor: professor, d.e.s. Shvets Irina Borisovna


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I uttered my first sound, my first cry on the 12-th of December 1979 in Slaviansk (Donetsk Region). As my first sound was very much like "lia" I was christened Olia.My dear parents- my father Tretinnikov Nickolay Alexeyevich and my mother Galina Nickolayevna still live and works in the town of my childhood- Sviatogorsk.
Much time was spent on the sportsground. It was my beloved place from my first steps. Bruises and sometimes traumas became a common thing with me, but father's hands often saved me from it. My first skates- a present of my uncle- gave me much joy and thrill. It is still one of the brightest reminiscences of my childhood. I was only six then. At the age of 6 partly of curiosity and partly because of real interested ear for music I became a student of the local musical school (violin). I finished it with distinction. 

In the 1987 I became a student of the secondary school in the Sviatogorsk (still). My musical success was tremendous and I was even going to enter Artemovsk musical college. But on the second thought those plans were postponed and as time went by forgotten. In 1997 I finished secondary school with honour and gold medal. It was of great help when entering Donetsk National Technical University. Being a student of such a glorious and well- known alma-mater I plunged into science and did my best. I really wanted to be a diligent student and I succeeded in everything we studied. My interests, my friends and my plans grew and expanded. On getting my scientific bachelor degree I went on with my scientific and research work. Now I'm dealing with the problem of the management of the technical renewal (modernization) of enterprise: I consider the theme of my scientific investigation acute and topical the region I live and study in. Donbass is the territory of paramount industrial importance for the whole country and the problem of it economic revival is being paid to the problem by many prominent scholars both of my region and of the whole country as well. The scientific and research basis of the investigation is wide and varied. Many scientific and research works deal with it (N. Chumachenko, Ye. Firsaeva, L. Kalashnikova, V. Rybinin). 

I do hope my investigation and proposals will become useful for the further development and prosperity of my land and my country.

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