Eugene V.

Faculty: CIT&A

group CSD-96





My biography

    I Was born 9 august 1978 y. in t. Uglegorsk Donetsr r. in miner family. Now reside in t. Donetsk, Semashko str., 29/23. In 1985 y. in age 7 go into school 41 in t. Uglegorsk. At musical school learned to play on bayan. In elder classes in school vocally-instrumental ensemble played on guitar and sang.

    In 1995 y. finished 11 school classes and begin first course of Donetsk engineering-economic college attached to DonSTU on speciality foreign economic enterprises activity . In 1996 y., finishing a first college course, entered a Donetsk State Technical University on speciality Computer systems of medical and technical diagnostics. This speciality like me at that's why, that she was by innovation and combined in oneself medicine and computer technique, with which I like for work.

    In 1998 y. got married. Before long walked across on free employments visit and shook down for work on sistemtechnician post, where was accorded practical asquired habits on attendance on computer nets, to system programming and to creation of data bases.

    Practice passed in Donetsk diagnostic centre attached to DRCTMA and on Uglegorsk HES. In 2000 y. was accorded bachelor diploma of computer engineering. At present go on with teaching on my speciality and dissertate on theme: "Research and development specialized computer system for analysis and cases examination sudden cardiac death of workers of coal industry" under the direction of candidate of technical sciences, associate professor Lazdin S.V.

    In own time care for give ear to music and to play on guitar. Darling executors V.Tsoy, V.Butusov, A.Makarevich, gr. Chayf, Aquarium and oth.