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I was born on March 31, 1979 in the city of Donetsk, though I can consider Gorlovka, Donetsk Region, my native city for some reasons. I was upbrought at home and almost didn't attend a kindergarten. During my school years I managed to study at 3 schools. The latter one was School Nr.19. In 1993 I successfully entered the Technical Dep. of the Donetsk Technical College having passed exams and in 1996 I graduated from it. My study at the college gave me many advantages: except the Secondary School Certificate I was handed Drive License and was attested as "PC operator". What's more our tutors were very original (it's worth to recall our curators); they prepared us very well to study at the university. We spent our evenings, organized in the college rather merrily...

When the question about my entering a higher school arose, I didn't think too long about an institute, what I cannot say about the speciality. Donetsk Technical College is a part of the complex of Donetsk State Technical University (DonSTU) and, of course, there were certain advantages while admission there, though I didn't apply them. After a year of study my attitude to mathematics and related sciences had changed and I decided to devote myself to more vital ones, having entered the Faculty of Economics and Management of Donetsk State Technical University. What about the speciality, I decided to choose "International Business Activity", a new field of economic relations, which attracted me by its vast horizons.

I didn't make a mistake having chosen this direction. During my studies there I mastered those sciences, which I apply today on my job. My tutors tried to deliver such a volume of knowledge about international relations in economics as it was possible to us. They taught us new ways and methods of work in this field. In addition, I learned two foreign languages - English and French - graduated from the Faculty of Military Training in the rank of Lieutenant, and I brought up my scope of vision in humanitarian sciences.

In 1999 I passed my practical work in Joint Stock Company "Radon" studying financial conditions of the company's activity, and in 2000 I got the practice in Donetsk Regional Association of Struggle with Drug Addiction, where I studied the problems of foreign trade operations.

In the fall of 1999 on the celebration of the Day of the Faculty of Economics and Management I was honored as "The Best Student of the Faculty", and in 2000 I was handed the Diploma of Bachelor in the field of Management.

This year I have entered the Magistracy of DonSTU and is finishing my studies there with the defense of "Master's Paper". Being mostly impressed with international economic activity, I choose the following problem for studies with the assent of the IBA Department as:

Ways of Enhancement of the Credit System in Ukrainian International Economic Activity

The work coordinator is Valeria Loyko., Ass. Prof., "International Business Activity Department".

It is worth saying about my university's group - IBA-96. I have many friends, it's very difficult for me be without them today. It's hard to describe our holidays and parties using letters - one should be there. I am sure, that our further relations won't give up after the graduation from our alma mater, and in opposite they will become stronger allowing possible cooperation. Nowadays, finishing my studies in the university, I can only say words of gratitude to our teachers for everything they gave us. Probably, I will continue my scientific work in Donetsk State Technical University.

The knowledge I have got in the university I start to apply in my practical activity. From 1999 I work in "Regional Development Agency "Donbass" in the capacity of Project Coordinator.

In 1999 I got in touch with youth movement in Donetsk Region, participating in actions, organized by youth organizations. I have fallen into interest to young initiatives activation since that time. Taking part in different social and political actions I have got skills of human resources management. I think that young forces play a great role in the life of our society. I am a member of Liberal Party of Ukraine, and assure that business education in the connection with political knowledge bring me a great success. From 2000 I am the Chairman of independent non-governmental youth organization of "Youth Democratic League of Donetsk Region", in my work I collaborate with many public organizations, NGOs, including international ones.

My scope of interest includes social and economic problems of Donbass Region, development strategies of our region, together with my colleagues we elaborate social projects, directed to overcome social problems of Donetsk Regions. To make this process full and efficient we attract public and particularly young initiatives, we also study problems of efficient attraction and application of foreign investments in the region we live and work in.

Probably, I can follow and write some more pages about me, my work and views, but I hope that the brevity is a sister of talent. I can only add that this web-page was worked out under the coordination of Alexander Anoprienko, a teacher of the Faculty of Computer Sciences, Donetsk State Technical University, whom I am very appreciated for this.

That's all folks!

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